This document is an agreement between the end user (also known as "you" or "customer") and Baakki LTD. Baakki LTD, UK company number 12998213, owns the Baakki app and website Baakki.com. In this document, we refer to ourselves as "Baakki," "we," "us," or "our."

You agree to the terms and conditions when you use our platforms or when you make a reservation, order (collectively, “order”) on one of our platforms. When we refer to the "platform," we are referring to our channels, which include our mobile apps, websites, channels we use to send communications, and social networking sites.

Furthermore, by accepting these terms and conditions, the user agrees to receive emails, calls, app notifications, and text messages from Baakki or sellers related to any orders placed by the user. This is required by Baakki in order to ensure that the user receives all essential notifications related to the order. Our privacy policies are also a part of these Terms and Conditions and are accepted automatically once these are accepted.

We reserve the right to change or modify the terms and conditions, privacy policy at any time, and we will always post the most recent version of the terms and conditions, privacy policy on our website and apps. When you use our platforms or make an order, you will be bound by the most recent terms and conditions, privacy policy.

To place an order on our platform, you must be at least 18 years old. You must first sign up for the platform using your email address or a social media profile.

User understands that Baakki is engaged in the business of inter alia operating an online platform under the name and style “Baakki” and provides “Baakki services” (Baakki service mean Baakki’s electronic services rendered via a digital technology platform, being on-demand intermediary and related services that enable sellers to provide items to users seeking items).

Sellers use the platform to advertise deals for goods, vacations, services, and other products (collectively, " items"). The process of advertising and promoting items through Baakki platforms is referred to as a "campaign" in this document. This campaign is sent to you via email, SMS, or push notification, or you can view it on our platform. While the campaign is active, users can place orders for items from sellers on our platforms. By doing so, users consent to use, experience, collect, ride, stay, enter, and redeem (collectively, "redeem") the item at the seller's location during the time specified on the platform.

When you arrive at the location, show the order details to the seller's employee, tap the "redeem" button, and make payment directly to the seller to redeem the item. The seller will then provide the item that corresponds to the order you made. You must double-check that the products, quantity, and services match the order you made. You should make sure that you click the 'redeem' button every time you redeem an item. We expect customers to be fair in this regard, and we reserve the right to deactivate accounts that fail to comply with this requirement, keeping this within company discretion.

Users are requested to show respect for the seller’s guests and employees, as well as Baakki’s employees. The user is informed that in the event of inappropriate behaviour towards the seller, the seller's other customers, or Baakki, or if the user commits a crime against the seller in connection with the service, violates the seller's or Baakki's code of conduct rules, or engages in any other similar behaviour, Baakki may ban, exclude, or suspend the user from the platform and the services.

We are neither a buyer nor a seller; instead, we provide an advertising platform for sellers to offer deals. The seller imposes his or her terms and conditions on the sale, supply, and/or provision of the items. When you order an item on one of our platforms, you agree to the seller's terms and conditions; your contract of sale is with the seller. The seller is also liable for any lawsuits or other problems relating to the items or the arrangement between you and the seller. Details, terms, and conditions for each item can be found on our platform. It is the seller's sole duty to have the most up-to-date information about items on our platform. We do not assume any such obligation and, as a result, bear no responsibility for the details of the items or the availability of details about them. Before making an order, you should speak with the seller to get additional details about the item. Our platform will provide you with the seller's contact information. If you wish to purchase additional items from the seller, you solely deal with the seller, and we bear no responsibility in this regard.

Example: If you want to add breakfast to the hotel room you booked on our platform. You can contact the seller directly and arrange an additional service, and Baakki will not claim any additional fees for this, nor will it be liable for any problems that may arise.

If you are dissatisfied with the item or if the item is different from the description, the seller is responsible. We are not responsible for failure or delay in fulfilling the obligations associated with the item.

Because of the design of the concept, you may be asked to wait if you arrive early or to give regular customers priority. Items may be unavailable, or the seller may be closed if you arrive late. If you do not arrive at the specified time, the seller has the right to sell the items to other customers. If you arrive late or don’t arrive, we have the right to suspend your account.

Both parties have a right of cancellation, as defined below. If the seller has no items in excess, the seller may cancel the order before the beginning of the campaign start time. Since the items are perishable and Baakki’s concept is to avoid waste of resources, the user can only cancel the order before the cancellation period. This means the user can cancel an order only if the cancellation button is visible on the order details.

We have no influence or responsibility for the contents, ingredients, process, manufacturing, sale, purchase, storage, preparation, production, processing, marking, delivery, quality, allergen, behaviour, organising, prioritising, or handling of the items, and the compliance with applicable legislation, including concerning the above. If the user is in doubt about allergy warnings, the contents of any item, or any other information, the user should confirm with the seller directly before ordering.

Once a user redeems the item, Baakki will give them the option to submit a review of the item. Baakki reserves the right to use, share, and display ratings and comments without the approval of the user. Baakki does not edit, delete, or modify any reviews unless the reviews contain offensive, discriminative, violent, infringing, or fraudulent content. Baakki is not responsible for any content in the reviews made on our platform. The time it takes to fill out the review and the time it takes for the review to be published may be delayed.

There is a risk we will make a pricing mistake. If we make a mistake, whether human, technological or otherwise, we reserve the right to cancel your order or give you the option of reserving at the correct price.

All prices on our platform are inclusive of tax but may be subject to additional charges such as administrative fees and delivery fees. You will be told of any extra costs before making a payment.

If you have a problem with an item, please notify the seller right away. If your complaint is not addressed locally, you can email us at contact@baakki.com and explain the situation to us before taking any further action.

We will use fair efforts to provide all prompt assistance that is reasonable under the circumstances and within our capacity. If necessary, we will collaborate with the seller to resolve the issue, and the customer will receive a response from Baakki within 10 business days.

Our platform and all materials published on it are protected by our intellectual property. It is prohibited to use or reuse excerpts from the platform without prior written consent.

We are not responsible for any losses or damages you may incur, including indirect or consequential losses. The completeness, fitness for purpose, and legality of the items provided by the sellers are not guaranteed by us. We are not responsible for the items' accuracy, protection, usability, or any other aspect of the sellers' offerings.

We are not responsible for any violation of these terms of sale if we or the seller are unable to perform our obligations due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control. Disruptions in Baakki and/or the seller's operations due to legislation, actions of the state or public authority, acts of war, attacks, strikes, physical blockades, lockouts, pandemics, weather, natural disasters, etc. are examples of such situations. Under no circumstances will our overall liability to you surpass the selling price of the items in full.

We are not liable for third-party errors, non-availability of our platform due to unforeseen circumstances, identity theft, other fraudulent activities, phishing credit card data, non-attributable interruptions, and server issues.

These terms and conditions are governed by English law. The English courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any claim brought by you arising from or related to your use of the platform and these terms and conditions.

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